Get real-time Songkick alerts sent directly to your Twitter account

Never again miss the chance of seeing your favourite bands live - get alerted on Twitter as soon as gigs get announced. If you already have a Songkick account, just follow the 2 steps below, and you'll be receiving Twitter alerts for all new gigs of the artists and bands you're tracking.

Set up your personal Twitter alerts in just 2 simple steps:

1) "Sign in with Twitter" below, with the Twitter account you want us to send the alerts to.

2) Provide us with your Songkick username.

That's it! You will now get @mentions to your Twitter account for any of your newly added Songkick events.

Optional: you may want to follow the @kickalert account on Twitter - that way you can get email and SMS notifications of new Songkick gigs. See the Twitter mobile settings and email notification settings for more details.

To start, or to edit your existing alerts, sign in with Twitter here:

Would you prefer to get Songkick alerts on Facebook Messenger? If so, head here and start chatting to our Facebook Messenger bot: Songkick Alerts on Facebook Messenger

If you don't use Songkick yet, sign up now and start tracking your favourite bands via Songkick's, Spotify and iPhone integrations, and then head back over here to set up your Twitter alerts.

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