Kickalert is a project by @mario, using the Songkick API.

the service is provided as-is, with no warranties of any kind.

for those interested, in addition to twitterfeed and the Songkick API, makes use of Python, Tornado, Supervisor, nginx and Amazon SimpleDB, and uses my Songkick RSS feeds described here. it's hosted on Amazon EC2.

not a lot of time was spent on design. but you could never tell.

you may want to follow the @kickalert account on Twitter - that way you can get email and SMS notifications of new Songkick gigs. see the Twitter mobile settings and email notification settings for more details.

you can of course also follow me - please send any comments and problems my way.

Although it is making use of their respective APIs, Kickalert is not affiliated with Songkick or Twitter.

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